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"Set against a beautiful and haunting Suffolk landscape the film depicts an emotional and supernatural journey through connected lives, death and war."

"I am quite honestly overwhelmed with emotion.  The film took me on this beautiful, haunting journey and I was completely immersed to the very end.  I cannot stop thinking about that ending. It affected me so strongly."

"Widow’s Walk has immortalised the stunning Suffolk coast. It was breathtaking & artistically shot, gripping and completely captivating. I can’t wait to see it again and to visit the nearby film locations starting with Orford Lighthouse."

"The casting is flawless, the acting is superb, the direction, special effects and cinematography exceptional, a tremendous cinematic experience."

"Powerful. Beautiful. Just the right touch of horror... So engaging, so quiet but yet thrilling and interesting... This is a different approach to a ghost story, while still keeping true to the genre. Stunning performances, great shooting, and stellar direction... The lighting, The sound. The palette. The weird time shifts that all made sense... It put that statement on it."


Eve's husband has been killed in Afghanistan. She takes her young son to a remote Suffolk beach house to grieve. But someone else is in the house grieving her loss from another war...



miranda raison
virginia mckenna
david caves
jamie wannell


anthony howell | emma connell | cecily nash | harlyn price-lewis


Alexandra enjoyed a successful career as an actress in film, TV & theatre before turning to screenwriting & directing. She lived in the US for almost two decades, the majority of the time working in Los Angeles. Her acting film credits include TITANIC, MR HOLLAND'S OPUS & FROM PARIS WITH LOVE.  In LA, she found time to study art history, design & architecture at UCLA; a training that's greatly enhanced her visual language & informs her filmmaking today. She returned to the UK in 2006, was a series regular on Coronation Street and guest starred in several TV shows before writing and directing her short films and feature scripts.  Her award-winning short film, Boxer on the Wilderness  screened at 15 international film festivals. It is the teaser for her feature screenplay THE WILDERNESS.

WIDOW'S WALK, Alexandra's debut feature, is a love letter to her native Suffolk.


Dan studied English at Cambridge University. He trained with Alexandra as an actor and during his theatrical career worked for The Royal Shakespeare Company, The National Theatre, The Royal Court and was a member of The Young Vic Theatre Company. Dan is a theatre director and has been Associate Director for the RSC and Young Vic creating pieces in London and New York.

Dan is cofounder of Wonderbar Productions and Executive Produced Camille Thoman's award winning documentary THE LONGEST GAME and her debut narrative feature NEVER HERE starring Sam Shephard and Mireille Enos.




Alexandra enjoyed a successful career as an actress in film, TV & theatre before turning to screenwriting & directing. She lived in the US for almost two decades, the majority of the time working in Los Angeles. Her acting film credits include TITANIC, MR HOLLAND'S OPUS & FROM PARIS WITH LOVE.  In LA, she found time to study art history, design & architecture at UCLA; a training that's greatly enhanced her visual language & informs her filmmaking today. She returned to the UK in 2006, was a series regular on Coronation Street and guest starred in several TV shows before writing and directing her short films and feature scripts.  Her award-winning film, Boxer on the Wilderness  screened at 15 international film festivals. It is the teaser for her feature screenplay THE WILDERNESS. WIDOW'S WALK is her debut feature. She's currently shooting a documentary about her time on James Cameron's Titanic and is in development with her TV pilot FIGHTING CHANCE.


Dan studied English at Cambridge University. He trained with Alexandra as an actor and during his theatrical career worked for The Royal Shakespeare Company, The National Theatre, The Royal Court and was a member of The Young Vic Theatre Company. Dan is a theatre director and has been Associate Director for the RSC and Young Vic creating pieces in London and New York. Dan is co-founder of Wonderbar Productions and Executive Produced Camille Thoman's award winning documentary THE LONGEST GAME and her debut narrative feature NEVER HERE starring Sam Shepard and Mireille Enos.


Mike's background is in physics, engineering, film technology and design. In addition to being one of the early collaborators and producers on WIDOW'S WALK, he was DIT on the shoot and is editor, colour grader and VFX designer for the film. He's worked on Shane Meadows latest television project, THE VIRTUES, starring Stephen Graham. Feature film work includes post and VFX on the sci-fi horror AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS directed by Johnny Kevorkian and Sundance winner GOD'S OWN COUNTRY, written and directed by Francis Lee.


Matt is based in New York City. He is a long-time friend and colleague of Alexandra's and developed the Widow's Walk script with her. He worked in development and production at Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment assisting Dede Gardner on EAT, PRAY, LOVE, WORLD WAR Z, TWELVE YEARS A SLAVE and KILLING THEM SOFTLY. He produced GOLDBRICKS IN BLOOM written and directed by Danny Sangra. Projects he's working on include THE FARNSWORTH HOUSE starring Maggie Gyllanhaal and Ralph Fiennes written and directed by Richard Press; THE ISLAND AT THE END OF THE WORLD written and directed by Anthony Green and TED K written and directed by Tony Stone.


Bronwyn's career experience includes projects with Gracie Films, Paramount, 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers including the Academy Award-winning films JERRY MAGUIRE and AS GOOD AS IT GETS. Her independent producing credits inclide SXSW Jury Award-winner MADE IN CHINA, GREENCARD WARRIORS and NEVER HERE which she produced alongside Dan Milne and Before The Door Pictures. She produced CLEMENCY, starring Alfre Woodard, which won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in 2019. She's producing WHISPERINGS AND LIES about the life of Rachmaninoff and Kenyan political thriller, STATE OF BETRAYAL. Bronwyn is based in Los Angeles and is a member of the Producers Guild of America.

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